5 Days to Cut the Crap, Step Into Your Next Level,
Sell and Get Paid Like You’ve Already Made It!
I mean this with so much love, but...your selling isn't working. 
And it's not just you.
It's at least 99% of the selling I see online and I wouldn't be saying this unless I cared, because I know you're meant to do big things.
And you know it too.
And you're probably freaking frustrated that you keep coming up with these great ideas for offers, programs, products and everything in between and yet...

They never quite seem to well, sell. Am I right?

Here's the truth. This selling thing has been made so complicated, emotional and exhausting and it doesn't need to be.

But, you are going to have to straight up step up your sales game to be a flat out, authentic, to the point, clear call to action that people can take immediate action on.

It's not your list, it's not your following, it's not even your offer...
It's Time to Start Selling Like A Boss.
 Right now your selling is more confusing, than compelling. 
We're going to fix that fast.
In 5 days to be exact.
I know you day dream about walking away from the draining job and just hopping in your car and heading out on an adventure -- because I used to feel the same way!

You’re an adventurer at heart. A freedom lover.

And somewhere along the way the dreamer in you got caught up in the mundane. Being normal. Being responsible. Being what everyone else wants you to be.

But you know it’s not who you are.
I've reviewed THOUSANDS of sales pages, posts, emails, copy and more for THOUSANDS of clients. 
And it's almost never strong enough, clear enough, to the point enough to straight up inspire someone to purchase, like now. And it leads to frustrating results and second guessing yourself, which doesn't need to be happening.
Here's the most common mistakes I see when it comes to selling like a boss:
1. You're coming across hesitant instead of confident.
People are buying your energy more than your product, if you're mainly feeling needy, desperate and timid, forget about it.
2. Your Selling Isn't Really Selling
People have no idea that you're even selling anything because you keep freaking out, getting nervous, second guessing and pulling back -- so no one buys.
3. You're Not Even Close to Selling Often Enough
You finally did it, you put out a great sales post or email and then wait for the sales to roll in. And they don't. Because you're just getting started and haven't sold enough.
4. Your Consistency Game is Whack
What's my big secret? I've been consistent AF from day one. And today is the perfect day for you to start. Want to get paid? Sell consistently.
5. Your Call To Action Is Confusing AF
*Palm to face* I love you, I really do, but seriously? This is your call to action? And you're wondering why people aren't lining up to buy the goods? Oh love, let's sort this out.
Ok, that might have been a little painful but now that we know why you haven't been getting the results you want we can totally transform it -- and fast!
Let's do this!
During the next five days I'm going to lovingly kick your ass and transform you into a soulful selling machine.
Every day, for the next five days, you're going to receive a powerful
>>Selling Like A Boss<< Video Training, Breakthrough Email, Clear Specific Action Steps and Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING So You Can Dive In at Your Own Pace and Use These Powerful Tools Over and Over to Keep Up Leveling!
The online world is changing fast.

There's new 'experts' joining the industry every day trying to sell you the hottest new strategy. And if you listen you'll end up spending thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and wind up being broke and exhausted.
But, if you try to do this on your own, you'll probably fail.
I'm not being harsh, the numbers don't lie. Most people who start their own business don't make it. 

But, the majority of my clients do.

Because I'm not filling you full of fluff and content. I won't just keep you busy so you feel like you got your "money's worth" from a program.
I ONLY teach proven strategies that I know work.
And unlike a lot of coaches and 'biz experts' online, I have the years of experience and testimonials to prove it:
 Day 1: Big Vision AF
The version of you who’s already making the money you want to be making, how does she show up and sell? Is she all over the place, all in and then scared, second guessing and pulling back? Absolutely-f*cking-not. Want the next level? Then BE it now.
 Day 2: Step Up and Sell
You’re not selling enough. Selling is serving. Selling is highly valuable to your people and you’re burying your gifts under a bunch of BS fears. Be the next version now and start authentically selling! Want to get paid daily? Sell daily. In all the ways.
 Day 3: Sexy Calls to Action That Work
90%+ of calls to action are vague, boring, confusing and just straight up suck. I see it all the time and it makes me sad because I love and adore the products, offerings and entrepreneurs but the selling is so vague it makes me cringe. Stop sucking and start getting paid.
 Day 4: 10x the Alignment, Action and Results
Oh you did a post about your offer and wonder why 20 people haven’t signed up, yet? Starting to second guess yourself after sending the first sales email? Step it up, buttercup! It’s time to 10x the alignment, action and results and stay the course!
 Day 5: Consistency Is Your New Middle Name
Weekends? Off days? Just didn’t feel like selling today? Then get yo sh*t automated because if you’re not selling you’re not influencing, impacting, creating your art or, oh yeah, receiving income. Consistency is your new middle name. Commit to it. And the steps to take so you’re not on all the time (even though your sales game and results will be).
Ready to up your sales game?
Start seeing results in the next 5 days and...
Sell Like A BOSS?!?
This is about to get even better because...
I have some powerful Bonuses ready for you as well!
Bonus #1
Receive a copy of the exact money tracking spreadsheets that I use daily to amplify my income and sales including:
>> My ‘Money Manifestation Tracker’ spreadsheet
>> My ‘Daily Wealth Tracker’ spreadsheet
I credit these trackers with helping me reconnect with my finances and create a $20,000 cash day at the end of last month, these are soo good.
Bonus #2
Powerful ‘Selling Is Easy’ Workshop Replay where I've answered ALL your biggest questions on becoming a soulful sales machine, now!
Bonus #3
Two of my most powerful breakthrough audios to help you rock out two of the areas that have massively changed my life, business and income in the last year: 
Breakthrough Audio 1 >> My Launch Formula for Fast Cash
Breakthrough Audio 2 >> My Money + Mindset Practice To Hit ALL Your Goals
This powerful program and all the bonuses are regularly $497, BUT...
Get $100 OFF and access to EVERYTHING when you join today!
What Clients Have to Say About 'Sell Like A BOSS':
"I’ve been hiding! Just posting and not calling for action. Posted tonight with a strong call to action and got a message before the video was even over!" Ally N.
"I need to spend more time, way more time, on money making actions. I’ve decided that I’m going to do this. Thank you for the challenge!" Anne P.
"I realized I haven’t been going ALL in on selling or on making offers even though I have programs and products that I love and know will help people!"
 Jennifer B.
"I've been really wasting my time on creating website and other Non-money-making activities!!
Now I'm getting really confident in that selling is just giving my people an opportunity to uplevel! Tiffany G
Answers to Your Questions:
Q: When does this program begin?
A: As soon as you sign up! Immediately after you sign up for Sell Like a Boss you'll receive ALL the bonuses and your Day 1 email and video training so you can dive right in and see momentum and results ASAP. 

After you get signed up, for the next 5 days straight you'll receive a daily breakthrough email with your new training + action steps until all the content has been delivered!
Q: I really need this program but I'm also really busy right now, what should I do?
A: The great thing about Sell Like A Boss is that you receive lifetime access to everything so you can dive in at the time that's best for you. There's no complicated trainings, tech or any of that involved, this is about actionable, clear steps that you can start using as soon as your ready.

Also, this is the first time this program has been available in almost 6 months and I don't know if or when I'll be offering it again, so if you're feeling called I would definitely download your copy now.
Q: Is this only for coaches?
A: Absolutely not. My current clients do include coaches (business, health, relationship and more) but I also work with intuitives, musicians, artists, product based businesses, writers, and every visionary entrepreneur in between :) The work is the same across the board.

There's no better time than now to start Selling Like A Boss!
Step into your next level.
Show up consistently in a way that energizes you.
Go from idea to offer in a matter of days, tops.
Get paid for your presence.
And discover exactly how to launch and sell in a way that feels soulful, aligned and highly effective starting NOW!
Join now for $100 OFF, big bonuses and instant access to Sell Like A Boss!
But don't wait, this offer will be gone soon.
What Makes This Different:
On Going LIVE Coaching!
Your Road Map to Success
The key mile markers that guarantee success.
You don't need theory. 

You need specific action steps -- in a specific order.

For instance, creating the perfect website means NOTHING if you don't have a clear, magnetic message.
And mastering sales calls means NOTHING if you don't know how to attract clients.
That's why I designed the Road Map to Success
Giving you specific, step-by-step guidance to build a strong business from the ground up.

Move through the road map at your own speed, spending time where you need the most guidance and cruising through any areas you already have set up.
Your Destination?
 Consistent clients, cash and impact
About the Creator:
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long is this program?
How long it lasts depends on you! Join for 1 month, 4 months, a year or longer depending on your goals. However, I'll warn you now that you're going to LOVE the community, personalized support, consistent LIVE coaching calls every month AND the results, of course! The majority of my clients find so much value and results from our work that they never want to leave. You've been warned :)
Will I get to ask you questions on the training calls? 
The two monthly live training calls last approximately 1 hour each and I answer as many questions as possible and typically get through all of them. However, it is unlikely I'll be able to answer all questions on every call, every time which is why you'll also be able to ask questions in our members only FB group as well. You have tons of support between the calls, private community, trainings, your supportive Society Sisters and more.
How does the 'no long term commitment' work? 
I'm committed to you finding the space online that feels like home and making the best investments possible for yourself and your biz. So, if for some reason the LiveFree Society isn't a good fit for you (which is pretty unlikely, btw) you can cancel your membership at anytime with a 7 day notice before your next billing.
The biggest question to ask yourself is Do You Feel Called to Join Us?
Do You Feel Called to Work Together?
Are You Craving Support, Community and Ease?
You know in your heart and soul if you're ready for this. TRUST YOUR SOUL.
Ready to join the rebels and visionaries who are setting all the rules on fire and smashing through their goals with freedom and ease?
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