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Hey, I'm Jessica Caver Lindholm
Soul Led CEO, writer and founder of To Living Free and it's my greatest joy to guide soul led entrepreneurs, visionaries and driven creatives to create their own highly profitable, freedom filled business and life beyond their dreams -- And You're NEXT!

I built my empire from scratch with no background in business back in 2014 with little more than a dream, a vision and determination having earned only $7,000 TOTAL the previous year as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. 

I now coach some of the most successful, impactful, influential, and visionary women on the planet (and those who know that's who they're meant to be) to unleash ALL of who they are, live the life BEYOND their dreams and be PAID just for being themselves.

The work we do works no matter where you're at on your journey -- just getting started or ready to scale and grow into freedom filled world domination by leveraging a blend of inspired action, intuition and aligned strategy that feels incredible.

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