Have you ever wondered what to email your list?

Be honest, were you sitting at your computer trying to figure out what to email your list right now?

You know you’re supposed to send a newsletter or something…

But, you have no idea where to start, right?

I mean, what if it’s boring?

Or even worse, what if people realize it’s not for them and unsubscribe?


It happens.

Actually, if people aren’t unsubscribing from your list regularly it probably just means you’re not growing your list, or they’re asleep.

Both of which are no Bueno.

Emailing your list can become one of those things you know you’re supposed to do (like going to the gym or doing that pile of laundry in your closet) but you can always find something else you’d rather do…

Am I right?

I get it!

I can’t tell you the last time I went to the gym and let’s not even talk about that load of laundry sitting on the wash machine right now…

But, when it comes to consistently emailing my list?

I made a commitment to myself about three years ago that if I wanted to make it online then I was going to have to start acting like a successful online entrepreneur.

Do you know what successful entrepreneurs do?

They email their list.


Every. Single. One of them.


Consistent Email Marketing = Consistent Income.

There’s no secret formula you need to figure out here, that’s it!

However, consistency is only half of the equation.

The other half?

Strategic emails.

If you want to make it online, never work for someone else again, have clients beating down your virtual door to buy your products and work with you…

Then it’s time to make the commitment to yourself that you’re going to get serious about emailing your list like a pro.

I can hear what you’re thinking and it sounds something like one of these…

“But, my list isn’t big enough, yet!”

Ever had that thought go through your mind?

“I only have X people on there and I’ll start emailing my list consistently once it gets bigger.”

Sorry lovely, it doesn’t work like that.

Whether you have 5 people on your list or 5,000…you treat them the same.

You nurture them and offer a solution to their problem, which I’ll be breaking down in more detail here shortly.

Consider this…

When I booked my first $5,000 client I only had about 100 people on my list.


And I didn’t have much more than that when I hit my first 10K month.

Do not wait for later.

NOW is the prime time to be using strategic emails with your list because as your list grows you’ll have people who have already been watching you for weeks or longer who want more.

And I break down the exact emails I was sending to book my first 5K client and create my first 10K month in my new free resource right here.

“I don’t think Email Marketing Works for Me…”

I love you, I do, but…

That shiznit ain’t going to fly here, lovely.

You deserve better.

If you email Consistently + Strategically…

It works.

Every time.

And seriously, whoever told you that email is dead and you should probably move your entire list over to messenger bots is crazy.

Don’t get caught up in the fads.

Is email marketing changing?


Both the way we grow our email lists and connect with the amazing people on them has changed tons in the last three years alone.

But, I can’t think of a faster way to kill your business than to build a list of subscribers on Facebook messenger instead of email.


Because if Facebook changes it’s mind (as it often does) it can literally delete all of your subscribers and your ENTIRE business in an instant.

How fun would that NOT be?

Email lists provide security.

Long term business.

Consistent income.

Building your list and using email marketing is a non-negotiable if you want to make it online.

“I don’t know what to email my list!”

I think this is probably one of the questions I’ve been asked the most as an online biz expert…

“What on earth do I email my list?”

I hear ya!

We can be so afraid of doing this wrong that we end up not emailing at all…

And that’s why I’ve created a brand new resource for you where I’m breaking down the exact emails to send your list every week.


No more wondering how often you should be emailing your list.

No more trying to figure out what you should be sending.

I break down the exact emails I send my list ever week in this new resource.

You can grab your copy right here and start using the strategy ASAP that’s helped me earn well over a million dollars online.

Turn Emails Into Clients

I don’t mean to brag…

But, if there’s one thing that I’m incredibly confident in, it’s my ability to turn emails into clients.


Because after I made that promise to myself to get consistent with my email marketing (no I still haven’t gone to the gym or did my laundry)…

I’ve emailed my list every single week (if not 2-3x a week) for over three years now.

That’s a lot of emails!

I’ve tested it all lovely and I know exactly what works…

And what doesn’t.

Now, don’t let that scare you.

Emailing has become one of the easiest and most profitable parts of my business.

Honestly, now I love it and have a lot of fun with it.

And you deserve to have emails working in your biz as well.

There’s nothing more satisfying than sending out an email and seeing responses and purchases rolling in afterwards.

It feels like magic.

Especially when you write those emails ahead of time…

Schedule them to go out over the next week…

And you get to sit back, relax and watch sales come in.

If that’s not pure online marketing bliss, I don’t know what is.

So let me break it down for ya…

The 3 Emails 90% of Entrepreneurs are Forgetting to Send

Honestly, I don’t think anyone’s forgetting to send these.

I think most entrepreneurs either…

  1. Don’t know they could be sending these emails to create raving fans and clients
  2. Or they assume these are either going to take forever to write or will somehow offend their list, so they don’t write them

Whichever group you find yourself in, no worries at all, I’ve got you covered!

And by the time you finish this blog post and grab a copy of the exact emails you need to be sending your list weekly, you’re going to feel right on track.

Content Rich Newsletters

You’ve seen them.

You’ve read them.

There’s even a pretty good chance you’ve written a few.

And they’re the corner stone of great email marketing.

And if you’re on my list then you’ve definitely received a few of these content rich emails from me before, like this one:

And if you’re not on my list…well now’s your time! When you snag a free copy of my latest email marketing resource you’ll also get my content rich newsletters.

Win-win! Am I right?

Once you’ve started to build your list, even if it’s just your first 10 subscribers, it’s time to nurture your leads!

Cold traffic typically won’t buy from you right away until they’ve had a chance to interact with you.

New leads want to check out your content, decide they like what you have to offer and feel they can trust you.

The way that you build not just a large but (just as important) an engaged community…

Is by giving great value.

Just like this article here.

I’m giving you some of my proven email marketing strategies, for free.

And guess what this is doing?

It’s building my know, like and trust factor with you.

Next time you go to write an email you’ll reference the email marketing strategy in this free guide…

Or from this article…

And you’ll think, man, that Jessica Caver Lindholm is a cool chick and she’s helped me a ton with my emails.

This is a HUGE win-win for me.

It’s fulfilling because I’m helping women just like you create more income and freedom with your business every day.

AND you’re much more likely to purchase from me at some point if you already know, like and trust me.

Got it?

This is exactly what you need to be doing in your newsletters.

Ok, not as long as this monster article.

I wouldn’t send this entire thing out in an email.

That would overwhelm my audience ASAP.

But, I highly recommend sending your list something of value every week.

However, how you provide great content is completely up to you!

You can:

  • write articles
  • blog posts
  • offer videos
  • do a podcasts/radio shows
  • or even just create inspirational graphics with a story

This is why it’s so important for you to know your community.

What information do they love?

What would your audience value?

Don’t totally understand how newsletters fit into your marketing plan or feeling a little confused about what all to include in your newsletters?

Then grab a free copy of the exact emails to send your list every week right here.

Sales and Promo Emails

Sales emails are some of the most important and often avoided tools in our business.

They’ve gotten a bad wrap of being salesy.

And pushy.

Super masculine, online marketing guru’s probably use them, right?

So women business owners, like you and I, we’ll often avoid them.

However, these can be one of the most important tools for you to educate your audience and be of service to others by selling your products.


They can be done with class.

The reason a sales email, solo-mailer, or promotional email (whatever you want to call it, they’re all the same)…

Is different than a newsletter is that these emails have one specific purpose.

Sales emails have one specific call to action you desire for your audience to take.

They have one end result in mind.

And this end result doesn’t always have to be to sell something.

*gasp *

It gets your audience to take an action.

The action could be to:

  • Join your Facebook group
  • Sign up for a free training you’re offering
  • Sign up for a discovery session with you
  • Or yes, to buy a program or product from you

These promotional emails are the ones I see skipped the most.

And the worst part?

These promotional emails are what lead your audience to take action!

These emails get your community results.

They increase your sales.

They increase the #’s in your Facebook group or on your webinar.

You NEED these emails in your biz!

Feel totally lost on how to leverage promotional emails?

Then grab a copy of the exact emails to send your list every week where I break it down further for ya.

But, how often should you email your list?

My typical formula for mailings is to:

  1. Send one newsletter every week
  2. And 2 solo-mailers/promotional emails per week

Yep, every week.

Now, this can vary a little depending on what your current goals are.

For instance, emailing to fill up a webinar is a little different (I’ll be sharing my webinar email sequence as a bonus in an upcoming email course so keep your eyes open for that).

But, if you’re focused on booking 1:1 clients…

1 newsletter + 2 solo-mailers every week is the magic number that has worked for me for years.


For all of my first year in business I stuck to the 1 newsletter + 2 solo-mailer formula while offering 1 paid program:

My 90 day private coaching package for $5,000.

And this email formula sold out my packages…


And over.

First 10k month, doing this.

First 20k month, ditto.

100k in my first 6 months?

You guessed it, using this exact strategy.

Like I said earlier…

Consistency + Strategy makes ALL the difference when it comes to email marketing and earning online.

Ready to commit to consistent email marketing and BIG pay days?? Then grab a copy of my latest free resource right here.

I map out what your email marketing schedule should look like in it.

I also break down what to include in your newsletters vs your solo-mailers in the free resource.

I even give a sneak peek of something brand new I’ve got in the works for you that you’re going to LOVE.

Check it all out and grab your copy right here: